Congratulations Tash Cormie who recently joined the Kingborough Tigers Board.

I have a background in Junior AFL football at grassroots level, having spent a number of years on the mainland involved in the running and delivery of junior programs and club facilities, before returning to Tassie.  I have a passion for sport and particularly encouraging young children to pursue their desires to be included at club level and develop their skills and love of the sport.  I am a people person who loves to engage with the public of all ages, and are always willing to help them in any way I can.  In particular at club level it is a responsibility as a club member to go above and beyond to accommodate their needs, this helps to build a strong involved community and encouraging relationships and passion for the sports we love.  I started my football career late in life, and continue to play when my schedule permits and outside my Tigers FC responsibilities.  I was very fortunate to have been awarded AFL TAS volunteer of the year and TSLW volunteer of the year for 2018, I felt very humbled to have received such accolades and will endeavour to continue this work in all areas in my future involvement in AFL football.


My Role at Tigers FC ranges from Team manager, incorporating all game day liaison with players, support staff and other TSLW clubs, Team management commitments outside of training and playing matches, Nutrition for the TSLW team, and well being responsibilities for the TSLW team, 24/7, I am a strong advocate for building a pathway for female football and liaise on a regular basis with the junior/youth coaches to ensure we are supportive and intuitive to the needs to build relationships and develop programs and pathways.   I am fortunate to have accepted a position on the Board at Tigers FC.  I value this opportunity and look forward to working towards the development and implementation of high performance programs both on and off the field for players and teams, and to foster the growth, development and direction of the club together with a supportive and hardworking team of dedicated individuals.

I have a strong passion for the Tigers FC football club, and immense passion for building the foundations and continued development of Female football, at grassroots level and State wide level.   I believe female football deserves equal opportunity to develop players as individuals and footballers, including access to a high performance based football environment, which I believe we offer at Tigers FC.

I am currently employed as a part time Teacher’s Aide, a job which I value highly and a role in which I see I can contribute and make a difference in the learning and development of young children.  Fortunately this job allows me to balance my working/home and football life!