Foundation Members

Steve Old, Past President of the Kingborough Tigers Football Club took great pleasure welcoming the 85 Foundation Club Members to the history making inaugural 2014 season as the “Kingborough Tigers” competed in the Tasmanian State League representing the Kingborough and Huon Valley communities for the first time.

As a club the Kingborough Tigers faced some big challenges in its first season as it moved up to the Tasmanian State League competition. One of the major issues was ensuring the financial stability of the club in its inaugural season and this challenge was made easier by the wonderful support of the 85 individuals and families who took up membership of the Foundation Club.  The fantastic support of the Foundation Club Members has ensured from the very beginning that the Kingborough Tigers Football Club can and will become a leader in our State, both on and off the field in the years ahead.

Foundation Club Members received automatic membership for 5 years including the traditional season membership ticket for admission to all home games played at the Kingston Twin Ovals.

Foundation members are also recognised for their contribution to the club on the official Kingborough Tigers Football Club website, acknowledged in Annual Reports and at the Kingston Twin Ovals.

As the club moves into our sixth season, we need to continue our hard work and focus on new and exciting ways of building our great club from strength to strength.  I encourage all past and potential new members of our football club to come down to the Twin Ovals and see for yourself how important our club is to the Kingborough and Huon Valley communities.

Foundation Club Members

F01 – Steve Old

F02 – Martin Kelly

F03 – John Clennett

F04 – Rodney Herweynen*

F05 – Mark Jackman

F06 – Scott Jackman

F07 – Jim* & Heather Evans

F08 – Martin Jarman

F09 – Eric & Michelle Abetz

F10 – Bruce Crawford

F11- Gary Baker*

F12 – Peter Hodgman

F13 – David O’Byrne

F14 – John Amery

F15 – Stewart* & Toni Archer

F16 – Steven Thomas*

F17 – Roger McGinnis*

F18 – David Johnson

F19 – Megan Webb

F20 – Adrian Webb*

F21 – Graham* & Kim Hills

F22 – Dennis* & Phyllis Fuller

F23- Michael Hunnibell

F24 – Will Hodgman

F25 – Adam Newton

F26 – Josh Baker

F27 – Nigel Vince

F28 – Klaas Laning

F29 – Tony Lorkin

F30 – Brendan Williams

F31 – Chris* & Sally Donnelly

F32 – Les & Sarah Gardner

F33 – Lance Golding* & Angela Batchelor

F34 – Chris Hazell

F35 – Jack* & Andrea Dare

F36 – Craig Bradburn*

F37 – Fred Newton

F38 – Jim & Carolyn Whitehouse

F39 – Julie Collins

F40 – Craig* & Helen Lucas

F41 – Brad & Deb Willis

F42 – Ben & Cathryn Harrison

F43 – Dominic Baker

F44 – Paul & Janet Gadomski

F45 – Peter Harvey

F46 – Todd Stevenson

F47 – Tony & Helen Coad

F48 – Darrel Stringer

F49 – Chris & Trudy Gates

F50 – Stephen & Diane Booth

F51 – Alan & Andrea Watt

F52 – Will Clennett

F53 – Steve Henley

F54 – Darren & Michelle Rollins

F55 – Rod Street

F56 – Bob Lister

F57 – Jonathan & Susan West

F58 – Neville & Vickie Riseley

F59 – Ken Hunter

F60 – Gillon McLachlan

F61 – Andrew Hazell

F62 – Mick** & Maureen Foster

F63 – Lawrie Keating

F64 – Russell* & Lois Haas

F65 – Donald Hazell**

F66 – Anthony Stewart

F67 – Brendon Gale

F68 – Leigh McVilly

F69 – Kyron Johnson

F70 – Max* & Kim Burslem

F71 – Ian* (Boy) Lucas

F72 – Wayne & Kris Steele

F73 – Josh Hills*

F74 – John (Jazza) Denehey

F75 – Gregg & Joshua Cannan

F76 – Eleanor Denton

F77 – Tim* & Kalinda Pearce

F78 – Graeme* (Bronc) Lucas

F79 – Stephen & Judy Courtney

F80 – David Charlesworth

F81 – Matthew Lamprill

F82 – Gary* (Dino) Webb

F83 – Wayne Douglas

F84 – Gavin Cleary

F85 – Chris & Yvette Barry

* Life Member