Life Members

Upon a merger of the Kingborough Tigers Football Club and the Kingborough Tigers Junior Football Club, life members of both Clubs become life members of the merged Club.

A life member enjoys all the rights and privileges of membership but is not required to complete a membership application and is not liable to pay a membership fee.  A life member remains a member of the Club for the duration of their natural life, unless expelled in accordance the Constitution and By-laws.

A person who has played 200 games with the Club, at U/18 level and above becomes a life member of the Club.

A person who has played less than 200 games but has given other continuous or distinguished service to the Club, or any other person who has given continuous or distinguished service to the Club, may be proposed for life membership subject to this clause.

Any recommendation received by the Board pursuant to sub-clause 4 of this clause must be forwarded to a panel, consisting of 2 life members and 1 Board member, established to consider the recommendation.  Only recommendations received at least 1 month prior to the AGM will be considered to allow the panel sufficient time to consider the recommendation.

The panel’s decision is final.  However, consideration of a further nomination for the same person is not prevented in following years.

The Board must issue guidelines to quantify continuous or distinguished service to allow a person to achieve the status of a 200-game equivalent and attach same to the Constitution in a By-law.

Continuous or distinguished service to either the Junior or Senior Club prior to a merger is to be taken into account in determination of life member status.

Life Members:

L1 * Ben Pearsall

L2 * John Tanner

L3 * C (Jack) Joseph

L4 * Jack Potter

L5 * Phil Geeves

L6 * Alf Ranger

L7 * Darcy McDonald

L8 * Peter Rule

L9 * Don Lucas

L10 * Harold Tringrove

L11 Ray Lorkin

L12 Ian Lucas

L13 * David Donaghy

L14 Alan Jones

L15 * Brian Lucas

L16 * Edward Lorkin

L17 * Dennis Burke

L18 * Tom Pearsall

L19 * Ian Abbott

L20 Graeme (Bronc) Lucas

L21 * Rex Mitchell

L22 Glenn Andrews

L23 * H (Keith) Fenton

L24 Tim Lamprill

L25 Mick Griggs

L26 Max Burslem

L27* Darris Fenton

L28 Mick Foster

L29 Rob Gillies

L30 Roger Fogarty

L31 Tim Madden

L32 David Cleaver

L33 Anthony Head

L34 Tim Sexton

Life Members:

L35 Craig Bradburn

L36 Mick Millhouse

L37 David Brereton

L38 Steven Thomas

L39 David Clark

L40 Neil Jones

L41 William (Bill) Paul

L42 Mark Denehey

L43 Brian Paynter

L44 Wayne Somers

L45 George Anderson

L46 Gary Webb

L47 Adrian Webb

L48 Craig Lucas

L49 * Keith Fuller

L50 G (Ross) Brokate

L51 Dennis Fuller

L52 Stewart Archer

L53 Steven Claxton

L54 Steven Millhouse

L55 Philip Sexton

L56 Graham Hills

L57 Rodney Herweynen

L58 Bill Simpson

L59 Craig Roberts

L60 Andrew Denton

L61 Terry Carless

L62 Jim Evans

L63 Jamie Roberts

L64 Josh Hills

L65 Barbara Head

L66 Jack Dare

L67 Edna Pennicott

L68 Robbie Kiss

Amalgamation 2014

L69 Athol Street  (1980)

L70 Graeme Stuart

L71 Gary Baker

L72 Kevin Burrows

L73 Paul Stevenson

L74 Graeme Millhouse

L75 Ian Morriss

L76 Ken Parnell

L77 Roger McGinniss

L78 Ashley Keogh

L79 Lindsay Jones

L80 Gary Williams

L81 Peter Williams

L82 Peter Bahr

L83 Bruce McLeod

L84 Mike Percey

L85 Viv Beswick

L86 Gary Armstrong

L87 Dale Saunders

L88 Glenn Mitchell

L89 Tim Pearce

L90 Chris Donnelly

L91 Lance Golding

L92 Russell Haas

L93 Ollie Burke

L94 Peter Harvey

L95 David Knowles